Spell names, text, booking or reference numbers using NATO alphabet

This tool
  • spells out names, item references, chassis / parts / booking numbers, street addresses

    more info Useful to make booking numbers like S23231FH3 more readable. It spells out the text and shows the various letters and symbols in rows or columns for easy readability.
  • uses official NATO alphabet for the letters
    more info NATO phonetic alphabet is shown below in the spelling table. In the NATO phonetic alphabet, A is spoken as “Alpha”, B is spoken as “Bravo” and so on. NATO alphabet is used to pronounce letters with code words to eliminate communication mistakes.
  • uses its own phonetic alphabet to spell numbers and some symbols more info SpellNato.com has developed a proprietary phonetic alphabet for symbols, spaces and other common characters.
  • allows the result to be read out loud in male or female voices more info This feature allows you to listen to the input text in NATO phonetic alphabet with a male of female voice, depending on which sounds more understandable and suitable.
  • choice of speed more info You have three options for speed: Slow, Medium (selected by default) and Fast. You can choose the speed needed make it easiest to write down the pronounced text.
  • choice of horizontal or vertical display of spelling more info You can see the spelling in either horizontal or vertical orientation.
  • agglomerates or collects repeated digits in groups of 3 more info The tool will show and read “11133” as “Triple One; Three; Three”. After "Triple x", a long silence is inserted, so that the user can have enough time to jot down the digits being read out. Useful for bank account numbers or VINs which often contain confusing, long sequences of the same number.
  • clicking the letter will read out loud the NATO alphabet more info The READ OUT button reads the whole input text. But you can click individually on each column or row in the results section, or the each row in the SPELLING TABLE to listen to that specific NATO letter read out loud.
  • maximum limit of 76 characters for manageable inputs more info Your input text cannot exceed 76 characters including spaces and "Next line" (ENTER key) control character
  • ignores accents more info To keep the read out process simple, words like café will be spelled cafe, or wąż will be spelled waz. Special Latin alphabet letters like Ł, Ø or Æ will be spelled like L, O or AE, and so on.
  • does not make a difference between lower and upper
    case more info Both “A” and “a” will spelled as “Alpha”.
  • skips special symbols, e.g. emoticons or smiley emojis more info Will skip any special symbols in the input text. TN1981Ⓡ will be spelled as TN1981.
  • does not read any solar system, occult or religious symbols more info The SpellNato.com tool will ignore any special symbols in the input text. ONLY ♂ will be understood as ONLY.
  • disregards arrows and direction symbols more info These symbols are bypassed to make the input more voice readable. T→S will be read Tango Sierra.
  • does not read non-English language letters or
    characters more info SpellNato.com doesn’t recognize non-Latin characters like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and any other non-Romanized special language characters.
  • misunderstands Roman numerals more info Roman numerals like I, II, IV, and X will be read out as letters, not as numbers 1, 2, 4, and 10 respectively. E.g. IV will be spelled India Victor.
  • does not mix male and female voice for the same input more info You can only use the male or female voice for a single input text.
  • does not provide volume control for the READ OUT
    voices more info The READ OUT feature doesn’t have volume control, as the recorded voices are set to maximum volume by default. Use your device's volume control to set the volume louder or softer for read outs.
Input your text here:

How to spell?

   1. Enter your text in the Input your text here field
   2. SPELL to see the spelling displayed.
   3. Select the Vertical or Horizontal view.

How to read out loud?

   4. Follow step 1-3
   5. Select male/female voice and speed
   6. READ OUT to hear the spelling read out loud


   a. You can uncheck the Start with “I SPELL USING THE NATO ALPHABET” option to get rid of the introductory readout.
   b. You can click on an individual displayed letter for that specific NATO alphabet letter to be read out loud.

Upon landing on the website, you see a list of all the dos and don’ts of this phonetic alphabet spelling tool. Hovering over the more info will give you more information.

When using the SpellNato.com tool to read out text over the phone to a third party, place your phone handset as close as possible to your computer's loudspeaker, so they can hear clearly.

Have you ever wondered how to spell your PNR booking number whilst on the phone with the airline? Or have you ever struggled with confirming your alphanumeric shipment tracking code to a shipping company offshore, only to find out that the shipment does not exist in the system and then re-telling them the very same and correct number? - Do not battle with your bs’ and ds’, ms’ and ns’ and dashes and underscores anymore when you are on the phone. Try our simple and easy to use SpellNato.com alphabet tool that will help you narrate your alphanumeric and special character combinations in NATO alphabet. It is smartphone friendly and easy to use.

The NATO phonetic alphabet is also known as the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet. In the early days of aviation, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) had a problem on their hands. When people from different countries communicated with each other over the phone and exchanged flight numbers or other airplane-related information, the various accents and pronunciation would cause mistakes. So the ICAO came up with a solution. They assigned 26 code words to the 26 letters of the alphabet. The code words were chosen to make sure that regardless of the accent of the speaker or the disruption in the communication channel, the person on the other end would be able to easily distinguish what is being said.

Generally, people who work in aviation or other fields where they have to exchange critical long serial numbers over the phone, remember the NATO phonetic alphabet. But you don’t have to. You can use the SpellNato.com tool to spell out your name or street address letter by letter or read out your flight booking number, or dictate your VIN chassis or EAN barcode number. It makes your life easier. As an added bonus, you can place your phone next to your device's speaker and use the READ OUT tool to play the spelled out text, so there is no opportunity for any mistake at the called party.


Letters / NATO Alphabet
A Alfa
B Bravo
C Charlie
D Delta
E Echo
F Foxtrot
G Golf
H Hotel
I India
J Juliet
K Kilo
L Lima
M Mike
N November
O Oscar
P Papa
Q Quebec
R Romeo
S Sierra
T Tango
U Uniform
V Victor
W Whiskey
X X-ray
Y Yankee
Z Zulu

0 Zero
1 One
2 Two
3 Three
4 Four
5 Five
6 Six
7 Seven
8 Eight
9 Nine
Punctuation Marks, Signs and Special Characters
↵ Enter Next Line
. Dot
, Comma
; Semicolon
: Colon
? Question Mark
! Exclamation Mark
@ At Sign
& Ampersand
" Quotation Mark
' Apostrophe
- Dash
/ Slash
\ Backslash
( Open Parenthesis
) Close Parenthesis
[ Left Square Bracket
] Right Square Bracket
{ Left Curly Bracket
} Right Curly Bracket
< Less-Than Sign
> Greater-Than Sign
| Vertical Bar
° Degree Symbol
* Asterisk
+ Plus Sign
= Equal Sign
# Hash
§ Section Sign
$ Dollar Sign
Euro Currency Sign
£ Pound Currency Sign
¥ Yen Currency Sign
~ Tilde
_ Underscore
% Percent Sign
^ Caret